Bearslayer at GameOn;

From October 29 through October 30, 2017 the biggest video game event in Baltics – GameOn took place in Vilnius. We decided to go there and exhibit our upcoming game Bearslayer with a specially desgned demo level for the expo. We also created a special game controller from Lego bricks for it.

Enjoy Runion with more friends;


Finally you can enjoy our game with up to 8 players. This game controller app allows to remotely control your character in Runion game on iPad devices. It is NOT a seperate game, but a remote controller for additional players for Runion. Using this controller, you can connect your iPhone to the iPad via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

Runion is available on the App Store;

Runion game

Smash your friends' fruits and vegetables in this local multiplayer game! Play locally with up to 8 friends on a single iPad. Players can control their characters with controllers located on the iPad, bluetooth controllers or remote iPhone controllers and compete in 3 different game modes. In order to smash enemy veggies more gracefully, you can pick up different kinds of bonuses, like boxing gloves, speedup boots, bombs and freezers.