Bearslayer at GameOn

From October 29 through October 30, 2017 the biggest video game event in Baltics – GameOn took place in Vilnius. We decided to go there and exhibit our upcoming game Bearslayer with a specially desgned demo level for the expo. We also created a special game controller from Lego bricks for it.

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Bear Slayer

Hey, after long silence we just launched our one button platformer arcade game Bearslayer on Steam Greenlight. We are proud to be Latvians, so our game is about Latvian epic tale hero Bear Slayer (Lāčplēsis). To complete the levels of the game you will have to be quick, precise and think fast. No matter how fast you are, you will die A LOT. 

The game is set in ancient Latvia and tells the story of the mythical god-chosen hero "Bearslayer", who wants to bring light to the land of Latvia and free it from slavery, evil crusaders and other evil monsters from Latvian folklore. 

Enjoy Runion with more friends;


Finally you can enjoy our game with up to 8 players. This game controller app allows to remotely control your character in Runion game on iPad devices. It is NOT a seperate game, but a remote controller for additional players for Runion. Using this controller, you can connect your iPhone to the iPad via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

Runion is a party game for up to 8 players. It can be played by 4 players without remote controllers, but with this app the player count can be increased to 8. 
Runion controller requires Runion v1.2.5 or later.

Runion is available on App Store;

Runion game

Smash your friends' fruits and vegetables in this local multiplayer game! Play locally with up to 8 friends on a single iPad.
Players can control their characters with controllers located on the iPad, bluetooth controllers or remote iPhone controllers and compete in 3 different game modes. In order to smash enemy veggies more gracefully, you can pick up different kinds of bonuses, like boxing gloves, speedup boots, bombs and freezers.